Jorge Gonzalez

Mexico Green Card Specialist

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Temporary Import Vehicle Permit  Fees:

Vehicles  $45.00 US dollars plus TAX/I.V.A. online.  At Banjercito offices in Mexico, and Banjercio offices in USA  $51.00 US dollars plus tax.

Mobile Homes  and Vessels $51.00, plus tax  the TIP will be good for 10 years.

In addition to the TIP  permit fee, it is  mandatory to pay a bond to guaranteed the return of the vehicle, the TIP permit is good for six months  the  bond will be refunded  when the TIP is returned.  The TIP must be returned before the  deadline,  otherwise the  bond  will not be refunded,  the vehicle needs to be present at the time the TIP is returned.

           Bond fees are based on the year of the vehicle


Guarantee Bond Deposit (USD) 

2007 and newer
2001 to 2006
Models prior 2000

Foreigners (Non Mexican)  with Temporary Resident Card, the TIP  will be the same as  their  immigration status.  If the Temporary Resident Card is   renewed  or obtained first time the applicants must  submit  a  notice in writing and copy of the Temporary Resident  Card to any Customs Office within 15 days of the date of the immigration document was  obtained  or renewed, if the applicant fail to do it the bond may not be refunded.