TEMPORARY MEXICO RESIDENCY  STATUS: Authorizes a foreigner (Non Mexican)  to reside  in  Mexico for 1, 2, 3 or 4 years with the possibility of obtaining a work permit 
with multiple entries ,  subject to a job offer. 

With Temporary Residency  Status applicants  can have U.S. or Canadian plated vehicle  for the same time as  their card.


STEP 1: Apply for  Temporary Residency  Visa in the nearest Mexican Consulate or Embassy where you reside

STEP 2:  Once approved by the Mexican Consulate or Embassy  you must  apply for the  Temporary Resident card in  the corresponding Mexico Immigration office (INM) where you will reside.

Who qualify for Temporary Mexico Residency Status?

  1. Applicants  with  ties to Mexican Citizens  or foreigners (Non Mexican) residing in Mexico with  temporary  or permanent residency status
  2.  Applicants with job offer; stating the occupation, physical address,  and proof of future employer ID registration number within Mexico Immigration 
  3. Applicants who  own Mexico, real estate 
  4. Applicants  who  can proof a monthly NET  income of about $1,500.00, U.S.
  5. Applicants who can proof investments or bank accounts averaging $25.000.00,  per month .

Need assistance with the process contact Jorge Gonzalez Mexico Visa Specialist

Foreigners (Non Mexican)  with Temporary Resident Card the TIP  will be the same as  their  immigration status.  If the Temporary Resident Card is   renewed  or obtained first time  the applicants must  submit  a  notice in writing  and copy of the Temporary Resident  Card to any Customs Office within 15 days of the date of the immigration document was obtained or  renewed, if the applicant fail to do it the bond may not be refunded.

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