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Mexico Residency & Naturalization HELP
Visited Mexico before December 31, 2022. You might qualify for four-year Mexico Residency through the Regularization program. No Income, nor Mexican Consulate Visit required! CLICK here for more info.


 BANJERCITO TEL AND EMAIL : 011-52-559-689-8006   EMAIL: 

Requirements for TIP Temporary Import Permit:

  1. Valid Vehicle Registration or Title for your vehicle 
  2. A valid U.S. or Canadian Driver's License
  3. Proof of Legal Residence in the U.S. or Canada:  Birth Certificate, Passport, Resident Alien Card, Naturalization Certificate or Working Visa with one year minimum validity 
  4. FMM FORM  if apply for the TIP in person  in the USA-MEXICO borders, this form can be obtain at the (INM) National Institute of Immigration which is usually in the same building as Banjercito
  5. Foreigners If apply online  for  TIP pre-authorization  is a must  click here  to download it  this is just an authorization you must  stop at the border to  obtain the actual FMM FORM when you enter Mexico,  the TIP  will be granted for the same time as the online  pre-authorization

Foreigners (Non Mexican)  with Temporary Resident Card, the expiration date of (TIP PERMIT)  will be the same as  their  immigration status and its renewals as long as they are sequential.  If the Temporary Resident Card is   renewed or obtained first time  the applicants must  submit  a  notice in writing  and copy of the filing receipt which contain NUT # and the TIP PERMIT, to any Customs office within 15 days of the date of the immigration document was filed first  time  or renewed.  if the applicant fail to do it the bond may not be refunded.