This form is required when applicants obtain a Temporary or Permanent Resident Visa at the Mexican Consulate. After the visa is affixed in their  passport the next step is to validate it  at a Mexico airport or border.  Applicants will be granted an  FMM FORM for 30 days and will be marked CANJE / OTRO.  It is a must to go to the corresponding INM Immigration office where the applicant will reside within the 30 days, and apply for the Temporary or Permanent Resident Card, otherwise the visa will be voided.

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If you were granted a Temporary Resident Visa in the the Mexican Consulate and you are applying for the vehicle permit at the same time,  the FMM FORM  will be granted only for 30 days and the VEHICLE  permit as well. Within 15 days after you file  for the  Temporary Resident card,  you must notify the nearest  Mexico Customs  office SAT  in writing.   Include copy of the filing receipt that contains the NUT # and the vehicle permit.  The car permit  will be valid for the same time as the Temporary Resident Card.